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What is a Red Tent?

Suffolk Red Tent Coming Soon.... but what is a red tent?

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Red Tents are a global movement of women coming together and finding time to just be where they are, meet other women in their community and enjoy the opportunity to share in a deeper way than they might usually do. This is done in a variety of different ways.

Each month women invite others into their homes, outdoor spaces or community spaces, and spend time together for a whole day, afternoon or evening. By doing so they take time out of their busy lives to rest, talk, share food, enjoy creative pursuits and take part in other activities that fulfil their needs. When they come together in this way each month they are able to be more present in their own lives and the lives shared with others.

So what about Suffolk Red Tent?

Suffolk Red Tent will be a product of itself. Those who join us in person and in spirit will get to set the agenda. At times preplanned workshops will be available and other times just going along with the mood and whatever needs to be explored.

The Goddess Altar: There will always be an altar set up on one side of the room to be used as you wish. An offering is recommended. This is a space for you to commune with yourself and the goddesses of all time and all space.

Creating Together

Some gatherings may involve crafts and creation. Perhaps writing prompts or colouring pages. Flexing our creative muscles in mindful ways.


Gatherings will be held in community spaces or in Goddesses homes. The first few tents will be held in community centres to allow for parking and a neutral space.

Some gatherings are held outside, Below was a mixed gathering (some wonderful gods joined us) for a meditative walk in the park.

Social time: it's a time to meet others in a safe, inclusive space without judgement. To share and enjoy one another, learning and experiencing all that is fabulous about the goddess in us all.


Sage cleansing and the use of herbs are elements of our tent, not only does this cleanse the space but makes it smell nice - never a bad thing ;) Learning about the healing powers and prosperities of plants and flowers puts us back in touch with the wise women of old.


Periods, vulvas, vaginas, clitoris, wombs and whatever else you may or may not currently house in your temple - at least two meetings a year are dedicated to YONI. Whether you are menstruating, pregnant, post menopause or don't have a period we welcome all as we explore, honour and adore all that we are.

Our first meeting with be Lunar New Year 2018

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