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Poem - The City of the Gated Heart

Written April 2016

· Poetry

I live in the city of the gated heart.

A swarm of people begging to be loved,

exploding creatively,

passionately focused on blending into a blur of alcoholic symbiosis

wanting to be recognised but too afraid to stand apart.

In the City of the Gated Heart you hear them talking and saying nothing,

revealing only those layers that please or shock,

acquiesce to a life half lived,

the safety of shadows.

In the City of the Gated Heart voices rage and yet fall on deaf ears.

Complaining is a the language we share and translate our souls through egos scathing dialogue.

In the City of the Gated Heart you see smiles fixed over scowls and painted on pretty. Appearance appears normal and yet

as we scramble to cover our scars we let them momentarily show and in that moment

I see you.

In the City of the Gated Heart I have let down my guard and opened my doors.

I stand here alone but I am not afraid.

You see I’ve seen the other side of that gate to the world beyond and still, I choose to remain. The guardian of open spaces.

Reminding us all that we need no knights in shining armour but to take up our own swords and cut ourselves free.

I live in the City of the Gated Heart but I choose to remove my shackles and stand naked before you.

I will wait for you to be ready.

And if you just opened the gate a crack to see the slither of love I have for you

you too would crash open these gates and join me.

I invite you to open yourself too.

To unlock that gate as we stand together,

embrace me as you because I know.

I have known the false comfort of gates and locks.

Take a walk with me through the City of Gated Hearts, unbound and free.

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