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    Goddess Gathering UK

  • What is a Goddess Gathering?

    A Goddess Gathering is in essence a place in which women meet to share and support each other. A safe and honoured gathering in which we hold space for each other. A loving and open place. Going back to ancient times, women have gathered to share experiences unique to us.


    We are powerful, we were made to create and flourish, in business, in romance, in family, in every aspect of our lives. By coming together we are telling the universe we are ready. Goddess gatherings are facilitated to deepen the connection we have, the beauty and wisdom of our bodies, our minds, our experiences and the sisterhood we innately share.


    Goddess Gathering UK is committed to facilitating workshops, book clubs as well as dialogue on and offline to support women rediscovering, reclaiming and celebrating their divinity.


    Share and honour the feminine. Join us, sister. Celebrate the Goddess you are.


  • Goddess Book Club



    Third Sunday of the month.

    Reading and exploring self care books written by women.

    Two months per book: The first Sunday is spent discussing the book and it's ideas. The second Sunday spent working through exercises and sharing our experiences.


    Meggan watterson

    2017 - June 18th & July 16th

    Miracles Now

    gabrielle bernstein

    2017 - January 18th & February 19th

    Light is the New Black

    Rebecca campbell

    2016 - November 20th & December 18th

  • Upcoming Workshops

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  • Upcoming Events

    NOW MOVED TO LONDON, UK - watch this space for workshops

    16th February 2018

    Lunar New Year Gathering - CONNECTION

    February 16th @10:30am,

    Martlesham Heath Pavilion

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    March 2018

    Yoni Art



  • Goddess Blog

    Thoughts, Musings, and Ruminations.

    December 27, 2017 · Red Tent
    May 31, 2019 · Poetry
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  • Goddess Facilitators

    We've got a top notch team!

    Jen Skuse

    Founder and Facilitator

    Jen is Eve, The Phoenix, Aphrodite and a black coffee drinking, mala bead sporting, tutu wearing goddess!

    Spiritual from a young age it was during her time in South Korea, with the support of the amazing Goddess Network there she was able to come into her own power. Passionate about the sisterhood, Jen knows what it feels like to be loved and lifted by a strong female community.

    From art #thephoenixrisingproject to teaching, she leads from her core values


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