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Light is the New Black

The group met up in November and December to discuss Rebecca Campbell's 'Light is the New Black'

GGUK Book Club

GGUK Book Club is on the third Sunday of each month.

We promote reading and exploring self care books written by women.

Unlike traditional book clubs which change book each month, we take two months per book: The first Sunday is spent discussing the book and it's ideas. The second Sunday spent working through exercises and sharing our experiences.

Light is the New Black - Rebecca Campbell

November's Book Club


For our November book club we spent the afternoon at Amala Living Foods surrounded by pink furnishings and rose quartz. Beautiful, healthful teas and a delicious raw vegan cake were gratefully shared.

There was some great discussion about the text itself as well as the need for women's book clubs celebrating literary and spiritual texts by women.  

Rebecca Campbell's writing style is extremely approachable. She writes in conversation, allowing you to follow her thoughts and feel her authentic tone. The book itself is split into parts, with mini chapters - making it really easy to digest. You get a feel for her personal journey as well as the messages she imparts. 

The exercises are easy to do, each one taking 5 - 10 minutes. You don't need to have a particularly spiritual or religious background to get on with this book. 

December's Book Club


Goddesses sampled some of the pastries and teas the Cafe had to offer whilst we got stuck into the exercises.

Paperbacks and Kindles Welcome!

The exercises had been chosen at the first book club in November. Though we had different Goddesses attend this book club, they were still happy to explore the different activities.

Exercises from the book.

The exercises that were chosen were:

p. 188 - Write a letter to God

p. 120 - Never ending gift list 

p. 236 - Hollywood Movie

p. 237 - Theme Song

p. 260 - Letter to Self

Each task was explored separately and then offered to be shared with the group.

We had a great time exploring 'Light is the New Black' by Rebecca Campbell and hope that you take a look at the book yourself. 

To join our book club please check out our MEET UP group or our Facebook page.

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