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CONNECTION: November 2016 Gathering

An exploration of connection. How we connected to others, to ourselves and to source.
This first taster workshop invited you to open yourselves to connecting and also introduced gatherers to #goddessgatheringuk workshops.

We had a beautiful first gathering. The room was set up to create a circle, some goddesses on chairs, others on floor pillows. Light streamed through the window onto the altar and beautiful music filled the air. 

Offerings given to the altar and fresh fruit and dark chocolate available for the goddesses. Below is a summary of the activities and exercises from the gathering.

Welcome: Starting with introductions, we shared why we had come to the gathering. A safe space was held for all and this encouraged openness and beautiful, honest sharing. 

Jornalling time: The goddesses were asked to contemplate their thoughts, beliefs and feelings about connection. 

Circle Share: We discussed what had come through from the journalling exercise.

DANCE BREAK!: Connecting to our bodies through stretching, movement and dance.

Worship: Each goddess was invited to the centre of the circle to be worshiped by her sisters.

Eye Gazing: The goddesses took the time to gaze for 4 minutes at a time with each other, asking to see the divine in them. Connecting with each other and the divinity we all share.

Light Bath Meditation: A guided meditation to aid connection and forgive disconnect.

Reflection: Listening to 'How do you feel?' a reflection by Danielle LaPorte, the goddesses were invited to connect to their feelings.

Through these exercises and the coming together in gathering, we explored connection.

Should this resonate with you and you feel called to join us, please visit our meet up group or other social media to find out more.

If you would like to receive the workbook from November's Gathering on Connection, email:

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